Current Grant Cycle

The 2012-2013 Grants Cycle is now closed. The submission deadline was March 30, 2012.


I-Literacy with iPads

This exciting grant benefits 1st graders at Newell Elementary School.

Originally, funding was approved for 10 of 20 iPod touch (8GB) that were requested.

The grant technology was upgraded to iPads due to:

  • the benefits of an enhanced feature set
  • the accessibility of enhanced applications

Through collaboration with the District IT department, 4 refurbished iPads with special protective hard cases and media kit were granted.

The implementation of this new innovative technology will help stimulate and motivate learning for the 1st grade students through pleasure reading.

During the Reader’s Workshop, students will be able to increase their auditory comprehension and obtain word to word correspondence when listening to a leveled book that is developmentally appropriate for the students learning level.