Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities in the Upper Freehold Regional School District through the identification and development of community partnerships and private resources. These collaborations will inspire academic excellence and a positive learning environment that would be otherwise unavailable due to budget constraints.



Interested in volunteering to help the Foundation? Want to help, but not sure of the time commitments? You can help in many different ways, just check the list below to see what type of position fits best!

  • Trustee - Foundation Trustees handle the day-to-day management of the Foundation. As a Trustee, you will be required to attend monthly meetings, support all of the Foundations activities, and promote the Foundation throughout the community. If you would like to be considered for a Trustee position, please review the requirements then print, complete and submit this application.

  • Activity Volunteer - Do you have a specific ability you think the Foundation can benefit from? Are you a Marketing guru? a Fundraising genius? Let the Foundation know how you can help! You may be asked to attend a couple of meetings a year to share your insight or to help out on special projects.

  • Friend of the Foundation - The most flexible option of all. We'll add your name to the list of Foundation Friends that we'll reach out to at various points throughout the year for help with Foundation activities.