Our mission is to enhance the educational opportunities in the Upper Freehold Regional School District through the identification and development of community partnerships and private resources. These collaborations will inspire academic excellence and a positive learning environment that would be otherwise unavailable due to budget constraints.



Grants Cycle



UFREF has awarded in excess of $145,000 in the past five years (which includes approximately $79,000 in targeted donations received in connection with the Robotics Club and “Bridging the Gap” initiative), which has served to benefit the students of the Upper Freehold Regional (UFR) School District – and has been a result of faculty, staff, and parents alike continually striving to find innovative and creative ways to enhance their educational experience.

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We recently reviewed our Grant program and other UFREF activities, and have decided to have a single grant cycle each school year.

The 2012-2013 Grants Cycle is now closed.

The 2012-2013 Grants Cycle winners have been announced.

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